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Employees Reliable professional assistance leading you to your best suitable job Dynacon HR Services accompanies for many years people who want to work in India. Our consultants come from professions for which they employ. They all have years of experience and expertise that allow them to have a realistic and professional approach to the staffing process. We seek to find the best match between the organization and the candidate because in the end it is the placement whose victory for both players is vital. Our experts support our candidates beyond the placement. We keep in touch and we cooperate with the aspirants who have entrusted us with their CV in finding their ideal careers. So, if you want to switch your job with a challenge to the expatriation or you are an expatriate and seeking new opportunities, don’t not waver to entrust us with your CV. Dynacon HR Services is committed to firm confidentiality with regard to any application received. This allows us to alert you when an attractive offer arises and we can talk about your profile to our partners as they share their queries before any publication is issued!


Who are you? Are you a fresh college graduate, a mid level executive looking for a viable career move or change, a redundant employee, a disgruntled and frustrated executive stuck mid career, or someone looking for a fresh opportunity? Are you tentative or miserable in your present circumstances, and ready for a change? Are you out of a job and on a job-hunting spree? Whatever be your situation, we can help.

Our Guiding Principle

We believe that you carry an intrinsic ability and potential to develop and excel in your lives and careers. Sometimes you are stuck, and adversities hold you back. We would take up the challenge for you and help you realize your true potential.

Our Aim

Dynacon aims to:

  • understand your career needs and formulate a plan of action
  • assess your skills and provide for further training and development
  • motivate you to take the next leap

Services for Prospective Employees

Assessment of candidate situation:

  • Recognition of current skill set and employability
  • Identification of training needs
  • Advice on choosing a career, or career change and alignment with future prospects and ambition of candidate
  • Advice on Resume/ CV and covering letter

Advice on job hunt:

  • Job Profile hunt for match
  • Job Market information

Arrangement of interview:

  • Mock interview sessions
  • Soft skills development
  • Advice on management of employer expectations

Remove all hesitation and do let us help you realize your career goals.